original iPhone help!stuck on boot logo


New Member
Dec 2, 2008
hi im a new member here and new to the iPhone scene.so basically this is my first iPhone. i got my original iPhone off a friend who was selling it because he bought a 3g iPhone so i gladfully bought it..its unlocked btw. well my friend had some files on his iPhone so what i di was i went ahead and reformatted it by going into setting>general>reset and picked the second option.it notified me that it will take about an hour to reformat so i went ahed and did so..waited for and hour and now my iPhone just keeps showing the booting screen and the busy icon.i left it like that for a couple of minutes knowing that i just might be a part of the whole reformat process. now its like hours..

i don't know if this is a common problem or so, but if anyone can shed light on my problem, that would be greatly and highly appreciated..

thank you in advance..


Dec 2, 2007
Long Island, NY
Have you tried plugging it in to iTunes to continue the restore process?