Original (Virgin) iPhone


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Jun 23, 2007
I get on this site as the mood strikes, and read, and read some more.

And as the "mood" strikes, I'll post some (lame) question revealing
my ignorance, and sit back and read some more.

Having one of the original iPhones as made available to the public
on June 29, I think about how I'm going along with the program,
adhering to all of the updates, paying my bill on time, and
just plain having fun with the thing.

(My third bill by the way was $67.70 with a current "Rollover
Balance" of 516 minutes.)
--So I'm reeeeaaaling with the economical aspects as well.---
And evidently, I'm not calling... and texting enough huh?

Anyway... thinking back to various products that
created the kind of passion I've been enveloped by... with this
goofy iPhone, my mind draws a blank.

I guess the hand held calculator was... at the time an incredible
"hi-tech" device for those of us who remember having to do math
with a pencil, and paper in hand.

I don't have one of the original(s) though.

There's a whole host of revolutionary products that have come, and disappeared as we all know.

For sake of the current times, and what's among the crowd,
it's just plain fun to have a Virgin iPhone...
dysfunctional Free, unHacked... and running as smooth as
a dream from the future.

No Complaints. Just Having fun.


The Apple

Aug 2, 2007
good to hear you are enjoying your phone. They get even more futuristic when you add mods. That's just my opinion!:laugh2: