Otterbox Case - Remove Screen Protector?

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by Amanda88, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Amanda88

    Amanda88 New Member

    I have the Otterbox on top of Apple's anti-glare screen protector as suggested in this forum. I'm having way too much trouble getting a response out of buttons on the edge of the screen or in the corners. I touch and touch, even press hard but no response. Even getting the phone to snap a picture is near impossible. I have no problems when I remove the Otterbox case, so I know it isn't a screen issue. I love the feel and protection afforded by the Otterbox case and would like to use it. Has anyone removed the screen protector from their case, and if you have, can you comment on the subsequent performance of it? Of note, I use the Otterbox case because I have young kids who use the phone - we don't have a landline. In other words, it's not dust protection I'm looking for, but impact protection. I hate to tear up a $50 case if it won't function anymore.
  2. LornaP

    LornaP Member

    I removed the screen cover part from my Otterbox and have a separate screen protector on the screen. Big improvement. I took it off because of the watermarks, they were leaving a weird stain on the screen and I got worried that it might affect the coating over time. When I removed the Otterbox screen cover there was a lot of glue left on the case, you have to peel/rub it all off or it will get onto your phone.

    I still feel like the phone is well protected. My work environment is the reason for needing a full case and screen cover.
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  4. free2rhyme590

    free2rhyme590 New Member

    yes i took the screen off my otterbox as well. I just cant deal with the plastic feel it gives to the screen. Also, watermarks were a major issue as well. It does leave some residue on the case but that can be rubbed off like the person above me said. I think you should go for it. The case will still offer major protection.
  5. The Apple

    The Apple Zealot

    There are a couple different methods to remove the watermarks from the screen protector. The best one I think is the baby powder, because it is immediate and it works. Look it up. Amanda88 I would suggest to remove the antiglare protector from your phone. That is why you are probably having the issues with the screen not working. Removing the screen protector from the case will let in small particles of dirt and dust that will get between your phone and the case and scratch your phone. Look up the baby powder method and you won't have to use the antiglare for the watermarks anymore.
  6. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    I just purchased an otterbox defender and I had the mirror screen protector on there and I had to remove that due to lack of response on the keypad while texting and what not, now that I have removed that I have a major issue with the watermarks on the screen is really looking fugly and makes it blurry. What can I do about this ? Just cut the screen on this 50.00 case ?
  7. The Apple

    The Apple Zealot

    Just read the post I posted right above yours. It explains an easy fix.
  8. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    I just did the baby powder trick it worked like a charm.
  9. Tug

    Tug Member

    Hope this helps

  10. martincooper

    martincooper New Member

    thanks for the video tug
  11. torquet

    torquet New Member

    Nice video, wish I knew about this a few months ago. I cut mine out and just use a regular screen protector. oh well.
  12. MazdaGuy

    MazdaGuy New Member

    +1 for the babby powder trick
  13. jcmitchell5

    jcmitchell5 Contributor

    I sold my 3GS already but when I did have the otterbox on it I used the anti fingerprint screen protector and I also had a hard time hitting the buttons in the corners. I think it was the phone though, because when I would be typing it wouldn't react so I just would hit the sleep button and start over and it would work... Weird
  14. FavreFan77

    FavreFan77 New Member

    I know someone else found this thread useful but The Apple, you are mistaken in the anti-glare suggestion to the OP. Directly on Otterbox's web site--it list two "fixes" to the oily look with a Defender case. The first one is to ADD an anti-glare protector (I happen to have one on under the Otterbox built in one (I ended up removing the built in one as it was uneven in the corners and etc). The second fix is to use the powder method. Both are good methods however but in the end, it comes down to the end user and their preference.

    I somewhat disagree that anything will get inside the phone case and do cosmetic damage, especially if you keep a screen protector on once the user has removed the built in protector. Also, when I removed the built in protector, there was already lint, dust etc behind it and inside by the glue ring. So it gets in no matter what-factory sealed or not.

    My two cents, can help others that will end up getting a case like this and joining this site looking for the same answers.

  15. aata844

    aata844 New Member

    Can someone please post a picture of this watermark thing? I'm not sure if I have this watermark or if it's something else. My screen with the protector looks kind of grainy. Like noise. I can't take a picture of it. If this isn't a watermark, can someone name it so I can find a fix...?
  16. maryjudith123

    maryjudith123 New Member

    I put an NCAA skin on mine from; anyhow, need an alternate screen protector since the skin covers some of the area that the X custom screen protector would normally cover. Anyone else been down this road? What alternate screen protector did you get? Intended for what other phone??

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