Otterbox Commuter Series protection?

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Jun 4, 2012
Currently I have a Griffin Survivor Case and it is AMAZING protection. However, the bulkiness is starting to bother me because this case is just giant.

I'm interested in the Otterbox Commuter series but I haven't been able to find any good drop tests online. Can anybody tell me how much this case protects? Can it survive concrete drops at all? I tend to drop my phone a lot and I need good protection but I don't want the bulkiness of the defender or survivor anymore.

I'm hoping that the commuter is almost as good or as good as the defender but I mean I'm not sure if it can survive lots of drops. Seems to thin.
Jun 4, 2012
Also I forgot about that silicone problem that the otterbox defender had for me. Does the commuter's silicone layer tend to peel off like the defender? That is THE #1 thing that annoyed the crap out of me for defender.


Jun 21, 2009
Saint Augustine, FL
I have the commuter and couldn't be happier with it. Also, their customer service is TOP NOTCH. If anything goes wrong, they'll send you a new case for FREE! I'm going to be sure to get one for my iPhone 5, too!