Otterbox defender bad defect!

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by IllusionEntity, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    I just realised that if you have the Otterbox defender on the iPhone 4 the proximity sensor does not work! Anyone else getting this problem?
  2. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    I am not having any problems

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  4. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    Well it's strange because my proximity sensor just doesn't work :(
  5. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    But it does work without the otterbox defender on.
  6. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    Edit: just saw your post about it working.

    Is there any debris in front of the sensor?

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  7. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    Nope. Clean as a whistle :/ it's only with the otterbox on... Maybe it's the distance from the sensor to the beginning of the front of the case?
  8. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    Try emailing them, at

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  9. Edge1978

    Edge1978 Member

    I don't have a problem with mine either
  10. GAtkins

    GAtkins New Member

    Mine works totally fine.
  11. MADTJ

    MADTJ New Member

    My working just fine as it should be. No problem or anything.

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  12. jbrodeur76

    jbrodeur76 New Member

    I am having the same problem, as is my wife. It works 110% with the case off, but when the case is on the sensor does not work.

    Here is what Otterbox sent me:


    I understand the frustration you are experiencing. The issue is in the phone proximity sensor itself. Our development team has confirmed the case is not the cause. I know it may seem that way, but if you bring the item to apple they can further assist you.

    Have an Otterrific Day!

    Thank You,

    Chris Wood
    Customer Service Representative"

    I will have to try Apple but I am imagining a pissing contest between the 2.
  13. fury

    fury Evangelist

    I believe it is indeed the phone's fault. My proximity sensor is actually visible (red) when on, and it doesn't work but within a few mm of something, so there might be a batch of phones that have iffy sensors. That defender is a few mm thick from the iPhone screen to the edge of the front face. So I have more trouble getting my sensor to work while my defender is on.
  14. iByron

    iByron Member

    Same here mines work when I put it on just fine, just since I converted my iPhone with the white stickers it can't fit lol

    MacBook 4,1 & iPhone 4 32GB
    2.4GHz, 2GB, 160
  15. bpd691

    bpd691 New Member

    I can confirm this issue. I'm having the same problem. It works perfectly without the case, but it won't work at all with the case on. I even removed the plastic film but it still wouldn't work!
  16. Mzstaples

    Mzstaples New Member

    Yes I had the same problem & was about 2 return my phone. I took the plastic off the inside of the otterbox over the sensor & now it works!
  17. What is proximity sensor?
    I have the otterbox defender I took it off cause I dislike how I couldn't see my white phone lol it's black and pink:)
    I loved it w the 3GS and when I heard on here they had one for iPhone 4,someone bought me one and now (shrug) I'm not thrilled too thick.Anyways I use it on day's I'm tossing my phone in and out if bag and very busy running w the kids otherwise I use a trim back cover and I'm now waiting on an order of screen covers.
    I also have the other ortterbox cover (purple nwhite) it's the one that has no screen cover and I like that one more...
    Anyways would I notice If my proximity sensor didn't work?

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  18. Mzstaples

    Mzstaples New Member

  19. Thank you:) I will keep my eye open see If that happens ever to me.

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  20. Wife has 4S and a Otter designed for the 4.
    Despite what I was told and read, her sensor works fine with the older style cutouts on the face of the Otterbox....
  21. imutter

    imutter Genius

    Otterbox has gret customer service you may want to call and get new one .......seems like you know how to work customerservice to get free stuff

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