Otterbox defender or Otterbox commuter

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by superpilot, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. superpilot

    superpilot New Member

    I want to get the the new Otterbox defender or Otterbox commuter, but I am torn between the two. Any insight on both and also any opinions on which one to get.
  2. lowram00

    lowram00 Member

    Commuter all way I love mine protects and not so fat and ugly then I got a zagg shield on the front and the back with the otterbox
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  4. canamera

    canamera Zealot


    I've had both of those cases, and neither compare to LifeProof.
  5. Kadelic

    Kadelic Genius

    Though I've never tried the Commuter, I'm a steadfast Defender fan. I don't mind the extra bulk for the tradeoff in protection, especially since I work in a machine shop. In a function before fashion situation, the super secure belt clip/holster offers some comfort to those who prefer their pockets free for other things.
  6. Syamil

    Syamil Member

    Like wise Mr Canamera said, try LifeProof. It's a slim version of Otterbox Defender, but without sacrificing the protection. However it costs more than both the Defender and Commuter.

    Do note that the extra bulk of both Commuter and Defender will bother you if you're the type to keep your iPhone inside your pocket and like to wear small-sized/just right sized clothes.
  7. yes, tried Otterbox Defender on both my 3GS and 4S.
    Like was mentioned above, if you wanna put your iPhone in your pocket forget the Defender. The rubberized material, while a fantastic shock absorber, make it very difficult to slide, as well as being a super lint magnet.

    The thinner Lifeproof can also go swimming, or u could take Siri in the shower with you if u hav a 4S!
  8. MuddyPaws

    MuddyPaws Zealot

    Actually I think the only thing you can't compare is waterproof. Personally I think from the drop, slam, shock aspect, and the clearer pictures standpoint there is clearly an advantage to the Defender.

    Depends on what you want to do with it.
  9. MuddyPaws

    MuddyPaws Zealot

    The new design actually uses a different rubber now. It now goes into a pocket pretty easy. However, the rubber isn't as grippy as it once was so now it slides off my center console.
  10. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    sorry, but after using the Defender for almost 3 years, I can easily argue that it doesn't have anything on LifeProof...even from drops....LifeProof is made from military spec material, which is more than Otterbox can say for their case.

    And LifeProof hasn't been out as long as Otterbox either, imagine what it'll be like when they have a few years under their belt...Even with the latest Defender series, you still read about people complaining about cracked screans while using their Defenders on the Otterbox Facebook page. About 90% of LifeProof users came over from using the Otterbox, and I've seen all of them say that LifeProof is light years ahead of the game....
  11. I am aware the Defender changed the design/material from 3GS to 4S, like I said I owned both.
    For me, it was not enough of a difference. I took the 4S Defender back the day after I bought it....
  12. MuddyPaws

    MuddyPaws Zealot

    It's not a difference from the 3gs to the 4s. They actually just had the same cases for the 4 and 4s and there were 2 different outer rubber types. Wife got the older style because they had pink. I got a newer style because I liked the new camera opening better. The rubber is different on the the 2 cases.
  13. MuddyPaws

    MuddyPaws Zealot

    I understand you are a die hard lifeproof. That's ok. But lifeproof or otterbox, there is no case that allows you to interact with your finger on the screen that is going to protect the screen from a direct impact. None.

    And cracked screen complaints are a fact of life for lifeproof users also. A google search finds plenty of info. I am considering a lifeproof, but can't justify the cost yet because I have never had an issue with the defender. Even ran my old 3GS over with my Jeep once in a defender with no damage.
  14. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    I know very well that there is no case that lets you interact with the screen that is going to protect the screen from a direct impact...I never said there was. But you are right, I am a die hard LifeProof!!! I too used Otterbox for years, and I thought it was the best protective case around....until I realized what LifeProof had to offer. Being by the pool side and not worrying about your phone falling in the pool, washing dishes and not worrying about getting the phone all wet to answer that text message, or even taking it into the shower with you so you can "FaceTime" your wife or girlfriend.... wink, wink....

    I guess I'm just trying to say that the Pros this case has to offer out weigh the cons you might see or read about on google by a long shot... And don't forget that many people that complained about the case leaking didn't follow the installation properely, and, or didn't snap it shut properely either.

    BTW, I don't find it expensive at all....lot's of aluminum bumpers out there (Vapor case) that cost up to $200, and that's just a $70 -$80 to fully protect your phone sounds pretty good to me. Otterbox is still around $50 at retail stores...
  15. Hey all!
    So with the Lifeproof cases, I gather that there is a screw of sorts that you insert into the headphone jack to keep it protected, right? What about where you insert the charger at the bottom of the phone? Do you have to remove the case to charge it? I couldn't get a good picture of the whole case on their website.

    I have an Otterbox Defender now on my iPhone 3G, but will be upgrading to a 4s shortly. I have loved the protection of the Defender but dislike that the rubber keeps it from going in my pocket.
  16. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    no, the charge port door just swings will never have to take out the phone from the case to do anything to it.
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  17. MuddyPaws

    MuddyPaws Zealot

    Might be true about not snapping it shut properly but if it's that easy to snap together wrong......and how do you find out it's wrong? When your phone is wet. Kinda late. The otterbox is 34.99 at the ATT store. Ballistic case is is cheaper and slides in and out of a pocket better but has no frontal screen protector.

    But this isn't a thread about lifeproof or the ballistic. It's about the defender vs the commuter.

    Personally I like the defender because of the screen protector and better shock protection.
  18. Really?
    No difference In the case design/material from the 3GS to the 4S?
    OK, u win;-)
    Enjoy your Otter.
    I did not like either of mine....
  19. MuddyPaws

    MuddyPaws Zealot

    I don't mean the shape. There is a new OtterBox. Not new as in for the 4S. New as in made of something different. The new material is being used on all new Defenders. The new rubber material is being used on the defender cases for iPods, iPhones and iPads.

    The defender case fits the 4 and the 4S. Both the older one with the soft, super grippy rubber and the new one with harder, smoother rubber. You can visually tell the difference between what I am calling first gen and the newer second gen by the camera hole and the hole around the ear speaker area and front camera.

    What I meant is that it doesn't matter if you buy one today for the 3, or the 3GS, or the 4 or the 4S....if you get the new design, the rubber material used is different. It has nothing to do with the device.
  20. superpilot

    superpilot New Member

    Has anyone had experience with the new otterbox defender ( the redesign with the new silicone)? I am curious as to how well it slides in and out of your pockey
  21. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    it doesn't....and it picks up all the lint like a magnet. Plus, you'll end pulling the silicone off the phone itself trying to remove it from your pocket. The Defender wasn't made to go in your pockets, unless you wear really baggy pants.

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