Otterbox disappointment


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Sep 8, 2007
Misplaced Southern Californian
I was super excited about getting my new white otterbox defender series iPhone case but it only took less than 24 hours for me to decide it's not for me.

It took forever to take the bubbles/oil slick watermarks off the screen. It kept bothering me all day. Then when I got to work, I tried to plug it into my combo adapter (iPhone and Apple bluetooth headpiece) but it won't fit. After work, I tried to see if I can plug it into my Belkin FM transmitter...nope the docking piece won't fit either. Oye!

Guess it's back to my old white incase slider for now. :(


Jun 20, 2009
Oklahoma City
i used several cases with my old v1 a while back and i just now got a incase slider for the first time and i love it. I cant see myself buying a different one. Never used the otterbox though.
Oct 16, 2009
Also Disappointed with Otterbox Defender

I bought the Otterbox Defender from the AT&T store when I got my iPhone 3Gs a few weeks ago. Every salesman in the store had one of these.

I wanted a case with a hooked belt clip so the iPhone wouldn't slip off my belt. I had dropped a flip-phone off my belt from my motorcycle at 50mph and it survived with a few scratches. I know this iPhone wouldn't survive that.

Regarding the Otterbox Defender case...

  • Protects iPhone from impact
  • Protects screen
  • Belt clip holster won't fall off my belt
  • Belt clip holster rotates for easier carrying

  • Overpriced
  • Makes a pretty phone look ugly in ballistic black
  • Belt clip holster doesn't hold iPhone securely
  • iPhone falls out of my belt clip holster EVERY DAY
  • Screen always has distracting watermarks between screens
  • iPhone won't fit into any cradles for operation in car or home
There should be a way to securely LOCK the phone into the belt clip holster or tether the iPhone. The compression clips don't do the job AT ALL.