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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by apallatto, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. apallatto

    apallatto New Member

    My otterbox defender case for my iPhone 4 is starting to get stretched out around the bottom and the corners. Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to fix it? I heard you can use a blow dryer on some silicon cases. Will this work on the otterbox?
  2. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    Sorry to hear thatÓźĀ.

    I'm not sure if the blow drier thing would work, I have never experienced that before. Do you really pull on it when your removing the case? I'm only asking, because I've had Otterbox products on all my devices for years, including my wife's commuter, and the defender on my iPad, and I've never seen that happen....everything still fits like a glove!

    Maybe you just have a faulty silicone piece that was week....have you had it for long? If not, then I would recommend calling Otterbox. They have one of the best customer services....all within reason though! If you've had your case for a few years, and have a habit of really stretching it when you remove it, then they might tell you that it's just wear and tear, and you'll have to buy a new one....things do get old, and eventually need to be replaced. But I would call them up, or shoot them an email...I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service!!
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  4. Workoutninja

    Workoutninja Member

    I would call them and explain what is happening and they should send you a new one. My silicon was stretching after a few months and I called them. They rep was really helpful and said they would send a new case. It was great because I was able to get one of the new colors were offering. Otterbox definitely has awesome customer service and the products work well. Good luck!
  5. Classydread

    Classydread New Member

    They have great customer service. I just had the same issue, I called them, they sent a new case out. Get their contact info from
  6. apallatto

    apallatto New Member

    Thanks guys. I'm gonna take your advice and contact them. Several other people have told me they have really good customer service.
  7. Back93

    Back93 New Member

    Just got commuter case today and I love it. Looking for compatible swivel holster which can be tough. Looking at switcheasy vision case which allows you to access home button and see caller I'd when phone is in face down. Looks to be compatible but not 100% sure any other suggestions?
  8. llrickman

    llrickman Member

    Every Otterbox we have had for the iPhone 4 has done the same thing. Otterbox has excellent customer service and will probably replace it. Even though ive had more problems with this one im gonna stick with it it still offers the best protection for me
  9. jcmitchell5

    jcmitchell5 Contributor

    I haven't ever tried it but I have heard from many people that you can boil the silicon and it will shrink it to a better fit. Just a suggestion
  10. Kevin1270

    Kevin1270 Member

    I called them when my otterbox defender holster was loose for my iPhone 3G they told me to heat it up with a hairdryer and bend it in. I told them your crazy this case was $50 they shipped me another case it was a little better . The rubber stretched out also after heavy use it's an over price pos IMHO .
  11. widgeon13

    widgeon13 New Member

    Mine hasn't fit well from the day I got it, sides are always flipping loose. It's a PITA. I'll have to give them a call.
  12. apallatto

    apallatto New Member

    They were very helpful and offered to ship out a new case right away. Thanks guys.
  13. widgeon13

    widgeon13 New Member

    I just called yesterday and they are sending a new one to me as well.
  14. Bluewing

    Bluewing Member

    Do you have to have your original box for some sort of Serial number?
  15. widgeon13

    widgeon13 New Member

    No need for the original box, just give them your info and they look up the past order on the computer. I'm not certain what is done if the case has not been bought from Otterbox. They were very cooperative and are aware they have some poor quality silicone in the field.
  16. jcmitchell5

    jcmitchell5 Contributor

    What they did for me on my 3GS forever ago was when you buy the otterbox it has a one year warranty. If it is within the one year they will replace it but the catch is... You only can replace it one time no questions asked within that year. Once you get another one your warranty is through. That is probably why they had to look it up.x
  17. socks0807

    socks0807 New Member

    I have only had this problem with the cover for 4s; never with any other Otterbox and they are by far the only case I like to use. Did the boiling or the hair dryer work?
  18. Watcher

    Watcher Zealot

    You're holding it wrong. :cool:
  19. pcmusich

    pcmusich Guest

    I've already purchased a replacement case, however, I went ahead and boiled the old skin. I let it "cook" for about 5 minutes after it started to boil then took it out and as soon as I could touch it I gently "squished" it together in order to "compress" it a bit. This seems to have worked. It's still a tad loose, but nowhere NEAR as loose as it was an hour ago! In fact, I'm setting it aside to give to one of my friends who has been wanting one but doesn't want to justify the expense of it! LOL

    Watcher: What do you mean by "holding it wrong"....? I'm a stay-at-home housewife who's phone gets very little abuse. Sadly, I mostly use it to play games with my husband while he's at work during the day! :sneaky:
  20. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    Did you fill out the warranty form on otter's site? They replace for free.
  21. crashtx1

    crashtx1 New Member

    I have a Defender box. I am very easy on my case and my phone, but I am on my fourth cover. So far they have replaced them each time(you email a picture of the issue with the date on a piece of paper). My wife had the same problem with hers, and after a couple of swaps went to a different brand. I love the case, I love the service, but it really seems they have a design problem.

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