Our Extensive iOS 7 Review and Guide

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    I've posted our iOS 7 review and guide. It's a bit of both. Those of you looking to get a complete overview of iOS 7 should find it helpful. Having used iOS 7 since June, I've grown to love it. It was jarring at first, but once you settle in, it's remarkable. I have a few devices at my house, some running iOS 6, but mostly for the sake of comparison. I cannot wait to move them all to iOS 7.

    If you have any hesitation about updating, you shouldn't. It's good folks. That's the short version. Of course, I do hope you read and share my full review. Seriously, if you find it at all worthwhile, sharing it goes a long way.
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    Yes, very extensive. I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. I see the dots for signal strength. Can I still get the numbers? I prefer the numbers over dot or bars.
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