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Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
In addition to our existing forum policy, we are requiring all members to abide by the following addendum regarding the quality of posts. The goal is the ask each member, new and old, to helps us improve the overall quality of our content. This benefits the user who is more likely to receive high quality answers to their post. It benefits those who reply, since they can clearly understand the OP (original poster) intentions and needs. Finally, it helps us gain the recognition of being a website whose users provide only the highest quality content.

  1. Please offer a clear and concise title for your thread. If your iPhone is crashing, do not start your thread HELP! or Why does.... A proper title would be "Need help with iPhone 5 that keeps crashing"
  2. The first post of the thread needs to be full sentences. It should not be a URL, even worse, a URL somewhere else. If you are looking to discuss a topic that you are referencing, it is perfectly fine to reference that URL at the end of your paragraph describing your opinion, position or thoughts on the URL. If you did a great job with your thread title looking for help with a crashing iPhone 5, do not post "See title". Please describe your problem in detail.
  3. At no time should any member recommend "Search Google". It's dismissive and sends users away.
  4. The time has come for everyone to use proper grammar. We all have spellcheck on our browsers and devices. Please do not post as if you were texting your friends. C U later works for SMS, but it's not great in a forum setting. I'm asking for basic sentences. By posting, you're asking someone to read your reply, so you owe them some level of effort.
  5. Please do not use the forums to correct one another. If you feel the quality of a thread fails to meet these guidelines, please use the report feature. Administrators and moderators will determine whether it needs to be deleted or modified. Some of our older content suffers from folks getting used to their iPhone keyboards. If you see awful posts, let us know. Also, if you see a single unanswered post, let us know.
  6. Administrators and moderators are not looking to give folks a hard time. If someone reaches out to you, they are not signaling your out, but rather guiding you to becoming a better member of the community. Don't take it personal. I've been editing a fair share of my own posts over the last few weeks and I'm not taking my own self-admin personal. If you take issue with the policy, contact me directly. Moderators are following my direction, so you can address any issues with me via PM.
  7. Proper use of punctuation. Ending your sentences with one exclamation point, question mark or period is all that is needed. Adding ten question marks at the end of your thread won't help get your question answered any faster.
  8. It is never okay to copy and paste content from another site. Quoting a site is one thing, but copying paragraphs is not permitted.
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