Outgoing texts don't work.


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Jan 6, 2009
I've had my iPhone 3G for several months now with no problems. Towards the middle of December my phone randomly stopped sending texts. When you press send it almost immediately gives the message "Error sending message".

I can receive texts fine however and I have an iPhone 2G on my plan also that still works fine.

I went to AT&T and they couldn't figure it out. They tried removing my text plan and then adding it back and nothing. They said go to the Apple store.

I went to the Apple store and they fiddled with it and said they had no way to fix it. They said they documented the problem and that's all they could do. They told me that replacing the phone would not fix the problem.

---Side Note---
After visiting Apple, the "genius" handed me my phone completely restored and had never mentioned or asked if he could wipe it. I almost blew a fuse because my phone syncs with my work and I was on vacation for 2 weeks. Now on top of not being able to send texts, I had no contacts that I needed nor anything else. I work an hour from where I live and it was not exactly in my plans to have to waste half a day driving to work and restoring everything. I could have easily been from out of town and not have even had this option. Anyway, I gritted my teeth and walked out without causing a scene. I would have told him to forget about it had he told me he had to restore the phone, but did he ask? NO.

Back to the issue.

Now I still can not send text messages. Apple is not helping me. AT&T says they can't do anything. I'm paying $15 a month to receive texts that I can't reply to. I've tried doing the whole text through email thing, but it is a hassle for me and for anyone I send them to.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas for a fix? Should I go back to Apple? Anything?


Jun 4, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
Generally when someone has a text issue on here they go to AT&T. I would think that if AT&T wasn't able to do anything then it is time to try a new phone. Take it back to Apple and tell them you've already restored and gone to AT&T and that it has to be an issue with the phone. Hopefully with a replacement you will be able to send texts agin.

Are you sure to use the full 10 digit number to send texts?


Jul 11, 2008
Bakersfield, CA
i had this same problem when i first bought my 3G. I called AT&T and problem was fixed from there side.


Aug 4, 2008
I had the same problem but it was intermittent and it cleared up by itself after about a week. Sorry, wish I could be of more help