"Overtraining" Touch ID for improved results

Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by Rafagon, Jan 20, 2015.

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    A newly published article on a technology site details a way to take additional scans of an already-registered finger on Touch ID, theoretically resulting in improved performance. I've known about filling multiple fingerprint "slots" with scans of the same finger for better Touch ID performance, but this other method is new to me.

    I did a bit of Googling and I found other articles elsewhere which corroborate the method—for example, here, here, and here.

    While I can confirm that the grey highlighting or "pulsing" mentioned in the articles is indeed taking place, I have no way to verify that additional scans are being recorded onto the world-famous "Secure Enclave." My own experience with Touch ID was already pretty close to perfect, so even if this method is helping, I may not immediately notice better Touch ID performance.

    It's worth trying if you feel your Touch ID experience has room for improvement.
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    The only problem I had with Touch ID was with the clear membrane that my Otterbox Defender placed between my finger and the Touch ID sensor. After carefully removing that barrier, my experience with Touch ID has been flawless.
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    I referenced the "Security Now" podcast cited above some months ago after hearing Gibson discuss his findings and theories regarding overtraining your prints. My fingers are very sensitive to cold and I've had to start retraining/overtraining as the Fall progressed into Winter.
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    @Rafagon This was extremely helpful! I overtrained and my Touch ID is working better. I'm inside now at work where its warm so I'll have to test it when I go out in the cold to see if it really made a difference out there. For now, I can see it working faster. I don't have to put my finger on the sensor over and over again it gets it the first time. That is so frustrating, especially outside.

    Thanks again for posting this story!

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