Passcode questions


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Jul 1, 2007
Southern CA
I just started using this feature and have a couple of dumb questions.

What is the point of a time delay on the passcode? Makes sense to me to set it for "immediately". Why would I want to set it for 4 hours, for example?

If you have a passcode set, do you have enter it in order to answer a call? (That would be a big bummer).


Jul 16, 2007
The reason for the time delay is so you aren't constantly bother for the passcode. The logic behind this of course is to allow one to balance convenience and security.

I for one would not want to be bothered with a passcode when I just turned my iPhone off (then needed to use it again). So mine is set to come on after 5 minutes (might try 15). In fact I wish I could do the same with that *&^%$# slide-to-lock. ;)

If I want to lock it immediately I use either SMBPrefs, SysInfo, or the command line to restart the springboard (forces passcode entry).

I use a passcode lock for two reasons: 1.) In case my iPhone is lost or stolen I don't want someone getting into my data, and 2.) I don't want a friend, family memeber, co-worker, etc., to play around with my iPhone, possibly screwing something up.

Finally, the passcode screen really needs an "If found please contact" screen (like other smartphones have). I'll probably edit my wallpaper to at least show a phone number or something.