pda plan wor for iPhone?

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May 4, 2007
Palo Alto, CA
I can't say that my iPhone its unlocked because I use it on ATT (but in Puerto Rico). We could not activate it with our 787 area code. A few weeks after the 29 a HACK was released for people with iPhones in Puerto Rico. The HACK allowed us to use the phone with the 787 AREA CODE (that was the only problem that we had, since iTunes would give us an error messages when we entered the area code).

I've had my phone for 2 month or so now and I can't seem 2 find a DATA PLAN that can be use with the iPhone since we don't have the iPhone PLANS. I used 2 use the PDA unlimited plan (my phone was the cingular 85). Will that type of plan work for the internet in the iPhone.
Right now I can browse the net but don't now if they r going 2 charge me extra....
Thank u:cool:


New Member
Sep 8, 2007
I think the iPhone plan is the only one that works, but I could be wrong. I know with most ATT stuff that is how it works and that is how it worked with my blackberry.