Peel and MP3 Blogs for New Music


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
I've just discovered Peel yesterday - for those who don't know it, it's a Mac app that helps you find new music via MP3 blog sites, play it through its own player, and easily add it to iTunes. Used it find some cool new songs last night, set it to add them to iTunes automatically when I download a track, and used acosmichippo's guide to create a ringtone out of one I particularly liked.

It comes with some built-in MP3 sites that are quite good, and you can add more as you discover them. Wired has a good description of MP3 blogs:

A good MP3 blog is like a friend with awesome taste in music who constantly shares his latest finds with you. Every day, audiobloggers post songs you've never heard before - so you can skip the sites that run snarky record reviews and pointless stories about how the girl from the Fiery Furnaces got a new haircut.

Anyone got any recommendations for good MP3 blog sites?