Phone just died? Help

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Jan 15, 2012
Alright so my phone has been acting really dumb lately.....this thing has been threw hell from dropping it and everything tho :p but my phone has been randomly dying even if its 70% and then today it totally died, i couldnt turn it on unless it was plugged in and when it was on my wall charger it would get to my home screen and say something like Activation something and then when i plug it onto my computer it starts up dies starts up and dies. I tried restoring it with every way possible but it keeps giving me 1612 errors. Im thinking its a battery problem? if so were can i get a legit battery for CHEAP.

Im currently on AT&T and was planning on switching to Sprint to get a iPhone 4s and sell my iPhone 3gs for around $150 they said, i also get a 25% discount there thats why i want to switch. I was using the iPhone 3gs money to buy the iPhone 4s but sense its dead i cant really go there now. So i want to fix it

Jan 15, 2012
Sprint said they'd buy it for $150 if it was working lol i brought it in and everything, they said they would buy it on the spot if i decided to get a plan. But theres some batterys on amazon for $5 but idk if there legit


Jun 14, 2010
Yeah so wish id have asked the same question was having same problems before I bought another 4 for my son we just found out it was only the battery. Felt real stupid cause had to add another line not to pay a small fortune. But will be selling one of them soon.