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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by PDACPA, Oct 28, 2011.


    PDACPA Member

    I have iCloud set up (see my mail calendar find my phone etc) and I have photostream turned on on my 4s. However, I do not see where I find my photostream online in icloud. I expected there to be an icon like the calendar or mail once I logged into iCloud. Did I miss something?
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    Have you turned on Photo Stream for iCloud in the Preferences app on your Mac?
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    PDACPA Member

    No Mac. Windows here.
  5. Kadelic

    Kadelic Genius

    Oh, sorry, I saw Mac Mini in your signature. For Windows there is an iCloud control panel you need to install. I'm not really sure your Photo Stream is viewable from anyway.

    PDACPA Member

    My Mac Mini died :( Will probably pick up a Mac Book Pro as I have 20g of photos in Mobile Me and it would be much easier to sync with iPhoto than download all the galleries.

    I have the iCloud control panel, but I was thinking iCloud would handle photos like Mobile Me did. Where you had an icon that said Galleries and you click it and it showed you your photos. Evidently, iCloud is just a bridge from your iphone to your Mac (and maybe PC) to sync your photos.

    PDACPA Member

    Ok here is what I found. On your phone, turn on photostream (it appears that once on, any photo you take will end up in the photostream and it creates a second item like your camera roll (photo still shows up in the camera roll too)).

    On the PC, in the iCloud control panel, when the photostream is turned on, it creates two folders in your USER\Pictures directory. Uploads and Downloads. Photos then sync from your phone to the PC. You can put photos in the upload folder on your PC in the Photostream directory and they will sync.

    I do not see anywhere that you can see the pictures on the Web like we could with Mobile Me.

    I think the Apple TV has Photostream on it, but where is it pulling the photos from? Apple TV used to pull them from Mobile Me.

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