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    Lately, my iphone pictures are ending up sideways or upside down when I go to transfer them to my computer.

    I am holding the camera correctly and just plugging the camera into my doc that is in my usb. Attached is a picture I took of my monitors holding the camera straight up and down. When I plug it in the doc and select "Open Explorer" to view the contents, the picture is sideways. I simply copied it to my desktop so I could attached it here and you can see it is sideways.

    I have done the hard reboot on the iphone and done some searching, but cannot find any answers. I know for a while they would show up (and still do) upside down when you browse the folder on the phone. Now the most recent ones I took are sideways. See below.


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  2. Ncalien

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    I dont know a solution but when they are up in Explorer cant you just rotate the picture and save changes?
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    PDACPA Member

    Yes I can rotate them. The tasks is simple and easy. However, I should not have to. The other issue is when I have a group of pictures from an event, then I have to go one by one and rotate and re-save. Waste of time when I should not have to do it.

    Movies though are more difficult to rotate.

    I just expect it to work as it should, not have to fix it and trying to see if someone else had a solution or had encountered the issue.
  5. TBL

    TBL Member

    Same here with pics, movies aren't rotated though. I find it very odd because they aren't rotated on the phone.

    PDACPA Member

    You are correct. They look perfect on the phone. I need to test on my Mac and see how they show up there. Also, when you upload them to Mobile Me, they are correct.
  7. shupik69

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    I am having this problem with my 3gs...they look normal on the phone i think because of the position correction feature, but on my pc they are all counterclockwise by one turn. If i hold my phone turned to the right they come out perfect. I have several videos that i have to turn my head to watch(or my screne). Really need a fix for this issue!!! I also didnt realize i was covering up the microphone so all my sounds are too low to hear...operator error on that one!!!!!

    Just downloaded new pics and guess what...totally flipped...upside down...haven't got one correct yet!!!
  8. dollarbl

    dollarbl New Member

    How to fix sideways pictures from your iphone

    I have an iphone 3gs and I experimented and it worked for me so i hope it works for you iphone 2g dont have this feature so heres how to do it: Picture text it to yourself, go to contacts and make a contact of yourself but with your complete email address only and save it you will need it in the future, then go to the picture you want to send to the computer and MMS it to that email address you created its just sending yourself a text with the picture attached to it and you dont have to put anything in the subject line. MIND YOU!!!!!! it can be a slow process if you try to send multiple pictures at the same time I sent 3 at a time and it didnt take too long but 11 pics took 20 minutes and had to wait for it to reach netzero so its up to you and it also depends on how fast your email get the message. Finally check your email and the the picture should be the way you took it then you will be able to save it to your computer, you have to give it a name when you save it iphone calls all pics photo.
  9. kevinmprince

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    I personally think apple is screwing around with the customers. This annoying little quirk will make people want to mms instead of email which may cause the customers incur more costs. It is highly annoying. I continue to get "tips" texted to me from apple that suggest I use mms. I email the photos with my unlimited data plan (no longer available), and avoid the text charge (I dont have unlimited texting). If any customers think that apple is unable to fix this problem, you are sorely wrong. It is unfortunate how corporations of this stature continue to try to control/monitor people. fyi, my phone doesnt do this, but my wifes does. . .I wont be surprised if my email account is tied to my phone and causes some bizarre "unfixable" glitch.
  10. Mommy

    Mommy Zealot

    I have been having the same issue, & I have the iPod 4th generation. That's weird, glad I'm not the only one.

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  11. kevinmprince

    kevinmprince New Member

    ok mommy,

    try this. . .doesnt seem intuitive, but if you take the pic holding the cam sideways. . .send it to your mail account. . .it comes out upright. . .dumb but it works. . .tried it both ways.
    if you check your mail on your phone, it doesnt appear like it will on your pc, so try it both ways and see what i mean
  12. Mommy

    Mommy Zealot

    Thank you! I will try that.

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  13. Kevdog

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    This may be a bit late, but people are still searching it. There is a free app called Rotator and there are others available. Open Rotator and select the option to select picture from camera roll and hit save. Then you will have a copy of the picture in your photos. Send the one that Rotator saved to camera which will be the last one on the camera roll and it will be correct orientation when sent to someone. Been using it for a couple of years with 100 percent success. The only problem is remembering to use Rotator before sending a picture.
  14. RobertM

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  15. rydama

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    Here is the solution I use for emailing pictures with the correct Rotation...

    I was also frustrated by the sideways picture issue when emailing to my friends on gmail/yahoo/hotmail. I could not find an app that let you rotate and email in one easy step. So I developed an app that lets you email a photo and it will transparently correct the orientation, so it looks right when the person receives it on their email. Search for Rotate Mailer in the app store.

    The problem started with iOS 4. Apple stopped saving images with the correct rotation (instead they just save the metadata with rotation instructions). Unfortunately, none of the web mail sites honor these instructions.

    You can also avoid the issue by always taking pictures with the 'volume buttons downward'. But sometimes you want a portrait (not landscape) picture. So, Rotate Mailer comes in handy for those times.

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