Pioneer DEH-P4000UB in car stereo-iPhone 3G


Nov 10, 2007
Since I don't really need hands free or bluetooth........If I buy the DEH-P4000UB unit w/out bluetooth and a call comes in does anyone know will the music will fade out and I would pick it up? If that's the case that's what i am looking for. I wonder if I bring my phone and usb cable in the Circuit City store and have them plug it in, play a mp3 file and then I would use a different cell phone to call my # if that would work the same way in the store. hmmmm

also I have the AOL radio app on my iPhone which streams live radio, music, etc....will that also work on this DEH-P4000UB unit? or is it just for mp3's off of my iPhone's Ipod library? has anyone tried this yet?


New Member
Jul 31, 2007
I haven't thought of that, but i think it would work the same way as listen to music on a headphone. i'm actually planning to have the same model install on my scion tc next week, still have to wait for my dash kit before they can do anything. i hope it will come on Monday so i can have it install as soon as possible.