Pivotal Podium...I WAS going to get one eventually...


Aug 2, 2007
I know that they have things to deal with after Apple hit them with the cease and desist order because the products name has "Pod" in it, but I consider this dropping the ball.
I first wrote to them when the whole Apple thing went down and got a reply that they were planning on making a Podium version that would work with iPhones in cases. He made it sound like it would be pretty soon and said that they put me on a mailing list so I would be notified.
Since that time I have sent them 3-4 messages for an update (since it's been months and months now) and have never received a response.
Today, I sent the following email, and I am letting everyone know about their disregard of prospective customers.

"I have sent a number of emails inquiring about your product being made for iPhones in cases (specifically a slider case) and except for the first one ( which I sent months ago when the Cease and Desist order from Apple was announced ) I have never gotten a response.
Since you are not willing to respond to my inquiries, I don't think I am willing to spend money with your company -EVEN if you do come out with the stand I am looking for.
It's just poor customer relations."

I know this is not a product for everyone anyway, and this one in particular is a bit pricey for what it really is. I just want to get the word out that this company can't take time out to write a simple email every now and then about a future product that they already talked about.


Feb 27, 2009
I googled this product. It is reallyyy nice. I would order one too if it worked with a case.