Placing a call: I get "Call Forwarding Active" Message

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by velorapide, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. velorapide

    velorapide New Member

    I get this message every time I place a call even if call forwarding is not activated on my phone. I just click "Dismiss" and the call continues on and everything is fine. My sister has an iPhone and gets the same message every time she places a call too.

    Help! This is super annoying and I would like to have it resolved. Thanks for your help!
  2. boylinator

    boylinator New Member

    the exact same thing happens to me. i originally thought it was happening because att didn't have call waiting activated on my account. i called last night and they activated the feature but i still get that message both when i place and receive calls. hmmmm
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  4. bradifus

    bradifus New Member

    Me too! I have also called tech support and have no answers yet? I would love to fix this issue. I'll keep you posted if you'll do the same. Any new developments on this issue?
  5. deac

    deac Member

    dittos here. I akased about it on here several days ago and never saw an answer. Glad you brought it up again. Its minor but getting quite annoying. Have turned Call FWD off and on several times and it makes no difference. And its another thing to ahve to hit while driving. Driving is perhaps my biggest problemo thus far -- seems to take more tabs to make a c all and more screen attention as the touch screen is so hair trigger. This "dismiss' is just another thing. not sure why but sometimes it goes away on its own.
  6. coop1701

    coop1701 Contributor

    ..,and all this time I thought I was the only one. Thanks guys.
  7. bradifus

    bradifus New Member

    You actually don't need to hit dismiss. It will go away on its own. Unless you have miss dialed and need to end a call right away.

    I have also noticed while testing this out and making calls to and from my iPhone and Office number that it takes about five rings from my office phone before my iPhone started ringing. And from my iPhone about 2-3 rings before my office will ring. I have stared asking people how many times it rang before I had picked up and the usual answer is about 3-4 rings, but I only hear it ring 1-2 times before I answer. Why such a long delay? Could these problems be related?
  8. Crazieukfan

    Crazieukfan New Member

    what is call fowarding anyway?
  9. deac

    deac Member

    I have noticd it going away sometimes but your miss dial point is exactly my problemo particularly when driving. With the hair trigger response of the screen, I am miss tapping often when driving as I find this phone much more difficult to use while driving. Have to look at screen much more and aim carefully to hit selection i want, and then when screw up, can't quickly hangup cause of the bothersome call forwarding has to be done away with.

    Driving home from trip today I did find a little bit of a help however as I found that when you tap a contact selction in Favorites or recents and hold your finger down on it it will not activate and you can see if you've hit a wrong one. If so just slide your finger off that selection and you'll get no selection and can start over. This has helped a bunch while driving and even sitting still as I keep calling people accidentally. But with respect to the second part of your post, I'm not getting allot of complaints and it might be because of the delayed rings you discovered.
  10. happy trails

    happy trails New Member

    i really don't like this message. i have had my iPhone since Friday and this morning (Monday) was the first time I noticed it.

    Please help me get rid of it!
  11. deac

    deac Member

    Thanks for dredging this thread up as I stilll have no answer and its still aggravating. Have found nothing to turn it off. I have found if you ignore it goes away most of the time, but if you're in a hury to tap another choice like to enter a code, you still ahve to dismiss it first.
  12. louques

    louques New Member

    It only happens to me when it goes to voicemail for a NEXTEL customer, because nextel voicemail is rerouted to another phone number where your voicemail is stored. Hope this helps
  13. david803sc

    david803sc New Member

    I only get the message someitmes, actually it works correctly on mine, what it is telling you is that your outgoing call is being forwarded to another number, for example if your making a call and no one answers technicaly the call is forwarded to voicemail the phone detects that the call your making is being forwarded and it is letting you know.

    I had another phone that did this as well notify me if my calls were being forwarded. my home phone is forwarded directly to my cell all the time, so anyone calling my home phone would see that message everytime they called me.

    Now it should only show up with your outgoing call is forwarded, try some different numbers and see, call a number you know is not forwarded or ported over also, and see if the message does not appear. my guess is it some phones may be detecting a port as a call forwarded and it probably shouldn't do that.

  14. deac

    deac Member

    sorry David, but that is not the case with this problemo. As soom as I hit the number to call and the screen changes to the dialing screen, the call forwarding message pops up before it has even rung the first time......

    as noted above for us having the problem, we've tried turning it on and off in the Settings to no avail and am simply living with it for now

    and its on every single outgoing call
  15. david803sc

    david803sc New Member

    The call forwarding setting on your own phone will have no effect, as these are two different things. I have tested my phone and I only get the message when the number I am calling is forwarded, why some of you are having this all the time, I have no idea, but it sesm to be a porblem only on some phones.

  16. SCMedic

    SCMedic New Member

    Dude, are you guys all really this dense?

    It goes to "Call forwarding" until the call connects to a person or a voicemail box. It forwards any incoming calls, that would normally get a busy signal during this part of a normal call, to your voicemail, until your call connects with another person, and call waiting can beep in...
  17. happy trails

    happy trails New Member

    i called 1-800-my-apple about it and they told that i had call forward on (which i didn't) and had tampered with the settings (which i didn't). when i told them that i had simply opened the call forwarding section under settings he suggest that i reboot the phone by holding lock & home... that didn't fix it either

    he also said that i get the message most likely because when i'm in a call the phone forwards to my phone number... when i asked him "isn't that like call waiting?" he said "call forwarding and call waiting are two completely different things."

    could this just be a problem with the new update? or something? i don't want to talk to some idiot on the phone again
  18. SCMedic

    SCMedic New Member

    Dude, did you read my post?

    It's NORMAL! It's only on call forwarding till the call connects! Once it does, take it away from your face and look at it, GONE! Because now nothing is forwarded because call waiting will work...
  19. happy trails

    happy trails New Member

    maybe if you didn't come off as so much of an ******* i would respect you input a little more
  20. SCMedic

    SCMedic New Member

    Intelligence has nothing to do with personality....
  21. happy trails

    happy trails New Member

    whatever helps you to sleep better [alone] at night

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