Play iPhone in Car Stereo.. With no static!?

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by mythrowbacknikes, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. mythrowbacknikes

    mythrowbacknikes New Member

    I bought this $15 FM transmitter from Target and I guess it works but.. it has ALOT of static.. Is there an alternative to playing crystal clear music in the car with the iPhone?

    I don't have a Cassette player. And I don't want to install anything too much.

    Prefer: something compatible with the Cigerette Port...

    ONCE AGAIN... No static alternative please...

    thanks everyone
  2. AppleSVT

    AppleSVT New Member

    Try putting your phone into airplane wont recieve calls or texts, but you also wont have as much interferrence
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  4. mythrowbacknikes

    mythrowbacknikes New Member

    where can I buy a cheap thing to play my iPhone music through the cig light without statics? I just left mine at my because house which I will never see again.. It was a cheap piece of sht anyways
  5. Nothing will "play" music through the cigarette lighter port. If you don't have a tape player, you need to either have a iPod ready car stereo, OR have an AUX input on the radio. If you do have an AUx port, you can can port from the headphone port, or use a cigarette lighter port to charge the iPhone through the doc, and buy one like the Belkin Auto Kit and it has a line out feature, that can used with the AUX port on the radio. If you don't have an AUX port, you have no choice but to use the FM transmitter, and then you will have some static.
  6. rennyn

    rennyn New Member

    Part of the problem is you chose a $15 option :)

    In some respects you do get what you pay for. In my VW I use an iTrip and it works beautiful, but I do have to change the station it broadcasts to depending on where I am in the Seattle area because of conflicting stations.

    In my other car, though, I use the best option (besides a direct iPod interface): I use a standard audio cable that splits to red/white RCA jacks that plugs into the AUX port in the back of my car deck. I know you said you don't want to install stuff, you might be able to get it done cheap at a local Best Buy or Circuit City if your deck has the auxiliary ports. I use a Monster cable version. Since this is a direct line right into your stereo, the quality is pure CD quality and fantastic. Any and all FM transmitters will lose sound depth, particularly in the lows and some highs.
  7. The quality is ONLY as good as the source. If it's a 128 bit mp3, it will sound AS good as the 128 bit mp3 could sound. Using the doc audio is certainly better quality then the headphone port, but it doesn't polish a turd. You need to start with a good quality audio source, so saying it will give him pure CD quality, can be a bit misleading.
  8. rennyn

    rennyn New Member

    Semantics. The discussion here is about making the quality sound as good as possible. In context, this means as good as it sounds directly from the iPhone, not from a CD.

    Furthermore, I doubt many people can tell the difference between a CD and a 128 bit mp3 while driving down the freeway at 70mph. If they can.. they can always encode them better. :)
  9. Semantics? Possibly, but I've come across people who would actually think this would improve their mp3 quality. Personally, I never encode less then 192. I'm one of those who can certainly hear a difference, mostly in the high end cymbal resonation, and it drives me crazy! :)
  10. RiverFusion

    RiverFusion New Member

    Sik Imp

    Hello everyone. I know I am very new here, but I stumbled onto this conversation and thought I would throw my two cents in. I have not yet got my iPhone :(, but I use this for my iPod in my car. My car does have an AUX port in the arm rest and this option works great line level input and as far as my ears can tell just as good of sound as a CD. Well there is my two cents.
  11. Welcome to the conversation. haha!

    I have seen this model before, and the only complaint I had with it was the line out port was a second cable extending from the dock connector. With the Belkin Auto Kit, the line out is in the adapter plug end, and what makes it work well is the "volume" dial on the plug, to adjust how "hot" you want the sound to be through the line out.
  12. iBasketball

    iBasketball New Member

    novembers paul, i got a question about the belkin auto kit. if i got the belkin auto kit would i still be able to recieve phone calls while it was plugged in. because i tried plugging my iphone into something similar to belkin auto kit and the little screen popped up asking if i wanted to turn the phone into airplane mode because it was not made for the iphone. im basically looking for something thatll let me charge my iphone, has a audio out jack, has volume control without turning my phone into airplane mode.
  13. miketl

    miketl New Member

    i hook mine up through the tape deck. fortunetly my car has a tape deck aswell as a cd player.. i just plug in the tape deck adapter in my iphone headphone jack using a belkin adpater of course. if i need to charge it i just plug the car charger in aswell.
    when a call or text comes in the music fades out and the ring is over my car speakers..
  14. ZipZap

    ZipZap Member

    I have had 2 FM transmitters both have static though I was able to minimize it.

    You have to start with a transmitter that has a changable frequency. You have to basically scan down the spectrum looking for the sweet frequency. The easist way is to turn it on but dont play music. Go, freq by freq until you find a freq that is relatively quiet when the transmitter is on.

    This is as close as you can get to quiet, and be advised that when the car is in motion, that also seems to affect the transmitter....

    Anyways, 102.9 was my sweet frequency in DC.

    I wanted to try the monster transmitter just to see how a high-end product differs....have not done so it yet cause its $100.
  15. Bone

    Bone Zealot

    I use the direct iPod interface in my truck. It slows me to scrole threw about 80 gigs of movies songs and videos at my fingertips on my touch screen.
  16. Bone

    Bone Zealot

    allows" srry
  17. singlefilerock

    singlefilerock New Member

    i use itunes =]
    im too young for a car =[

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