please advise

Oct 4, 2007
I don't know what to do..... my iPhone just keeps reseting after i slide it over its like its trying to load something and then it resets..... if i restore my unlocked iPhone in iTunes is it going to try and update my phone with 1.1.1 ? am i going to end up bricking my phone? im so scared right now that im going to fu my phone up... i got 100's of pics on there and its not letting me into it.

weird thing is, if i get a phone call i can answer it, or a txt but once i hit home it resets (soft) then i try to slide to get back to my dock and it does that lil white loading thing and resets back to the slide screen over again.

I need help so bad


Jan 10, 2007
Northeast US
Don't know exactly what's going on. I'll bet dollars to donuts it has to do with your unlocking the iPhone.

But don't worry about an auto-update. If you try to restore in iTunes, you will be prompted to update to 1.1.1. Just decline.

Search the iPhone Modifications forum for others' experience. Not to rub salt in the wound, but I happily keep my iPhone completely unmodified.