Please HELP! - Unlocking My iPhone

Oct 16, 2007
I am new to this forum and very new to the iPhone. I just recently purchased an iPhone and I have firmware version 1.1.1./04.01.13_G. Anyhow, I am guessing I need to downgrade to 1.0.2 in order to Unlock my iPhone for T-Mobile, correct? I downloaded the 1.0.2 firmware version needed. Well, I then tried the method where I have to hold down both the home button and power button, etc, etc, etc. Then I am asked to restore which I find the correct file and it then says "extracting files". Here is where I run into the problem. When it says "extracting files", it finishes in less then 10 seconds and then says, could not restore, and error occurred. Meaning, the older version did not install. What am I doing wrong? Please HELP! Thanks in advance.

P.S. - I don't need to activate the iPhone before unlocking, correct?
P.S.S - How do I activate my phone without paying for the AT&T plan?



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Oct 8, 2007

Downgrade you phone to 1.0.2 wont be able to unlock it! because the baseband are still stuck at 04.01.13_G. So you have succeed downgrade to 1.0.2, you then have to downgrade your baseband to 3.14.08_G in order to unlock your phone! If you don't downgrade your baseband, and proceed to unlock, YOU MIGHT BRICK YOUR PHONE! (I try this method and its worked of rme, make sure you read all the comments and post over there to know what could happen and how to fix during the process..) here the link for downgrade your baseband

Only thing is that I wasn't able to use anysim 102 to run on my iPhone, so I bought a one-click unlock from PQDVD and it worked perfectly

You will need iTunes 7.3.2 to downgrade to 1.0.2 download it at

This was the instruction that I used, and succeed!

Its for windows pc! are you using mac or pc?

You will need to activate the phone before you can unlock it!

Once again, after you have downgrade to 1.0.2 and downgrade your baseband to 03.14.08_G. You are now have a total 1.0.2 iPhone and you need to follow this video

NOTE: You basically don't need to restore your iPhone to 1.0.2 again, because you just did! All you need to do is run the Installer app that you will find in the video's instruction, then run the CLICK HERE ACTIVATE in the Point and Click activate folder (that included in the package that you will find in the video's instruction)

Then unlock your phone with anysim or iunlock or iPhonesimfree or one-click unlock..

You done =)


Im not responsible for anything happen to you! I myself followed this whole guide and succeed!