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Jun 7, 2007
Ok, I'm not one to break the rules, but I am literally at a customer's computer in his businesss importing contacts one by one as vCards into yahoo.
I did the whole vista/csv files into yahoo and it worked with numbers, but not NAMES. there are NO names attached to these 240-something contacts. I feel like an idiot because the setup my ocmpany has provided for us has failed me. It sucks. I know this is cross posting, but i need to fix this. I'm working unpaid overtime helping this fine gentleman, and while i love it, I am starting to fatigue. Please, someone who knows anything about this wityh vista and all, please PLEASE CALL ME. My number is 559.917.4290. I'm an AT&T employee and i just want to make this customer happy. Please call me. here is the quote from my original post in PC anf iPhone, but that forum just doesn't get as much traffic as here. My apologies.
don't KILL ME!
Sincerely and Stressed,
Gene. 559.917.4290

Hey all. Yes I am an AT&T employee, until saturday anyway, lol. ( don't know everything, but try my best too. Thanks to all on this forum) I need a fix for a customer I am helping, and I need it by like 5.45ish (when I'm off work and going back) I apologize for not extensively searching the forums, I'm at work and helping customers, So I really am counting on your willingness to help me.
He has Vista, I've followed the instructions on syncing from windows mail, And when I viewed the contacts in that program, All the names had numbers just like they should have! When I sync to iTunes however and look at the contacts on the phone, there are like just a few proper contacts and the rest are JUST numbers. like over 230 numbers, alone. I have a feeling the full contacts were already in his phone. I need to find out whats going on. Ask per the instructions, I have saved it as an excell file and imported them into windows mail, but somehow it gets lost in translation. PLEASE help guys.
How to fix, Did I miss something? advice, OTHER fixes? Yahoo contacts?
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Jul 25, 2007
Love to help you man but I can't thinknof anythingnright now bestni can do is bump the thread