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New Member
Apr 20, 2007
Okay i need to really know this....On Friday will the iPhone be available online too or just in stores? Rumor has it that you can only purchase the phone in an AT&T store when it comes out and you would have to wait about 1 or 2 weeks to get it online. I wanna know it I can get it online at the AT&T store.

Please reply soon...
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New Member
Jun 14, 2007
According to Apples website (got to , and click on the black iPhone button on the left bar below search), it says:

"iPhone, the revolutionary combination of a mobile phone, widescreen iPod, and Internet communications device, is coming to the online Apple Store and retail Apple Stores on June 29, 2007, with AT&T as the exclusive U.S. carrier partner."

As for what time, that is speculation, but I've consistently heard 6pm PST