Plugged in iPhone, now where is E: drive?

Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by Crush, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Crush

    Crush New Member


    I have a very simple questions regarding my new 3gs.

    I'm plugging it into my computer and simply want to upload some pictures and video.

    I notice there is no drive letter on my computer for this device.

    Please tell me I do not have to use middleware to upload files to this device. :026:nervous

    I am on the Fido network in Canada if that makes a difference.

    Also I have 500MB bandwidth a month. Is there a place on the phone that keeps track of all the data moved throughout the phone? :024:yum
  2. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    your iPhone should show up in your "My Computer" just like any other storage device. If it isn't, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

    you can check network usage on the phone by going to settings->general->usage, but that is TOTAL usage, so you would have to reset it every month to get totals per month. ATT has a free application that tracks all of this, so maybe Fido does as well.
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  4. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    Ok I'm seriously not trying to be rude but I'm gonna correct you in a few places so you know in the future.

    1) You will not be using any bandwidth if you plug in through USB. Bandwidth is used when you access something outside your network (aka the internet).
    2) There is a place on the phone to check data usage. Settings > General > Usage > Cellular Network Data
    3) I haven't used Windows in awhile but to assign a drive letter go to control panel > administrative tools > computer management > disk management.
    4) I personally just email my pictures straight to or so you could do the same (without using data if you connect to wifi).
  5. Crush

    Crush New Member

    Well I defiantly don't see it under my computer.

    My I-Tunes sees it fine.

    I have 64bit windows 7.

    Oh why oh why is this happening to me in this day and age...
  6. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    then check for it in Disk Management like styfle mentioned.
  7. Crush

    Crush New Member

    Yeah I tried it's not showing up as a drive letter at all. Maybe I should reboot my computer and try again.

    Ok I just rebooted.

    There is no drive letter at all.

    Wow this sucks. I can't believe this is happening on the latest equipment, latest computers.

    I'll have to try my 32 bit vista laptop and see what happens.

    Wow this sucks.
  8. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    it won't necessarily have a drive letter. if it shows up without one, you can right click on it and assign it a drive letter.
  9. Mickeylittle

    Mickeylittle Zealot

    If all you want to do is upload pictures and video from your PC to your phone just add them to iTunes and sync them on your phone.
  10. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    Windows sucks at mounting/unmounting drives; Its a known fact. Why do you think people use linux for disk recovery lol.
  11. RPMSTL

    RPMSTL Member

    The iPhone is not a drive like an ipod. Windows sees it as a camera since Apple only gives you access to the DCIM file. There is a jailbroke USB app that allows removable drive emulation.

    Win 7 lists the iPhone as a 'Portable Device' and is accessible via 'Computer' and Device Manager.

    No drive letter is needed.
  12. RPMSTL

    RPMSTL Member

    Also, perform a reboot on the phone if it still is not showing up.
    Hold the power and home button down at the same time until the apple shows up.
  13. Crush

    Crush New Member

    Ah yes I see.

    I'm on the Vista laptop now and yes it is showing up as a 'Portable Device'. Once I click into it, I then get 'Internal Storage' and I can then see the pictures I took.

    We tried it on the Mac, and again, no drive. We did find this app that works very nicely for the Mac.

    I'll check the Windows 7 machine tommorow.

    I hate iTunes and always have. I also really dislike middleware as it just gets in the way when all I want to do is simply move a file back and forth. :015:stickouttounge

    Oh I should also mention that the file size is quite large for the movies. I'm not sure if it's using h264 but it's pretty large file size. Also the sound quality is amazing. very impressive.
  14. JoeT

    JoeT Member

    Quick primer:

    1. As stated, it mounts as a camera. Right click on it, and Windows will offer to import the pictures (just like with any camera), and optionally delete them from the iPhone when doing so. You can optionally copy/paste in Explorer from the iPhone to another folder.

    2. You cannot upload photos to the iPhone en masse except through iTunes (sorry). But then, there's a good reason to do it through iTunes - it resizes the images as they are put onto the iPhone to both save space and for faster loading. Put the photos you want on the iPhone into a folder under Pictures (or My Pictures depending on what version of Windows you are using). Click on your iPhone in iTunes, then click the Photos tab at the top. Select which folders you want to sync over.

    3. Sync music over the same way as Photos.

    Using iTunes isn't so terrible once you have everything set up the way you want it.
  15. jm821

    jm821 New Member

    windows or mac will recognize your iPhone as a separate drive however, if there is no pictures on your camera roll, there will be no drive to look into. I know it sounds weird, but every time I delete my entire camera roll on my iPhone, my iPhone drive will not show up in my computer. If I have 1 picture on my camera roll, then the drive pops up.

    hope this helps.
  16. Sintaku

    Sintaku New Member

    Basically a read only drive which is as large as the total size of the images it contains.

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