Poll: Have you gotten a 3G already?

Do you have an iPhone 3G Phone

  • I've got one in my hot little hand

    Votes: 82 61.7%
  • I've ordered one through dirty direct fulfillment

    Votes: 14 10.5%
  • I'm trying to find somewhere in stock so I can wait in line with the other cool people

    Votes: 8 6.0%
  • I'm waiting for lines to go down and stock to go up

    Votes: 6 4.5%
  • I'm still not sure if it's worth it, but thinking about it

    Votes: 9 6.8%
  • I'm getting one, but later when the bugs are all worked out

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • I'm getting one, but later when they're cheaper

    Votes: 3 2.3%
  • I'm getting one after they can be jailbroke

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • I'm getting one after they can be unlocked

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • I just like laughing at all you idiots, I would never buy such a thing

    Votes: 8 6.0%

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New Member
Nov 24, 2007
waiting for them to be available in LA.. as of today macrumors reporrts that like 20somthing states are completly iPhoneless and theres no word on when stocks at the AT&t stores will be restocked


Jul 16, 2008
Got mine on day one just as the I did the first gen iPhone. I actually debated whether I should go to work late that morning to stand in line or go to work, get my work done and stand in line for the later part of the day. Well I chose the later, went to work and finished up around noon. On my way home to backup my first gen I called all the AT&T stores in the metro Denver area only to discover they were all sold out. Then I decided to call the Apple Store who told me they had ample inventory BUT there were over 200 people in line. The associate advised me to avoid going that day but to show up early on in the morning as the wait would be really long.
Well, I called my friend who is also an Apple junkie and after hearing him brag about his new 3G I decided to wait in line no matter how long that would be. I quickly signed on to iTunes backed up my old buddy ate some lunch and drove down to the mall. I stood in line for 4 hours and 45 minutes and walked out with my new phone shortly after the mall had closed. I was a bit concerned while waiting in line because one of the employees walking the line doing their PR stuff said to me we've "a fair amount " left and you "should" actually even be able to get the size and color you desire. Man I was sweating bullets at that point. I didn't want to wait in line only to be told I had to settle for an 8gb phone when my turn arrived. When my turn was up I was able to walk out with the exact size and color of my choice, a 16gb black 3G iPhone!
The guy in front of me who was jonesing for the iPhone called AT&T while waiting in line to discover he was not eligible for the upgrade has he had just signed a fairly new contract and if he wanted one he was going to have to fork out a lot more money than I would. Of course he waited as well and walked out with two iPhones on a family plan.


New Member
May 12, 2008
you forgot the option: i'm happy with my v1 iPhone
Now that's something I hadn't thought of. Yesterday I was repeatedly getting only about 128kb/s "3G" access. So on top of the battery life downgrade, I was getting the same speed internet as before. I could give a crap about any of the other new "features" of the 3G, so I was thinking I hadn't gotten any kind of upgrade at all. Is iPhone 3G to iPhone V1 as Vista is to XP? The upgrade that isn't an upgrade? Scary thought.

Next Poll: Have you returned your iPhone 3G because you decided you didn't like it.


New Member
Jan 18, 2008
I had a 16g white activated and making calls by 8:15am, July 11th.

Oh yeah, I reluctantly waited outside AT&T at 10pm the night before. Now that I can see the limited availability, I am glad I did so.


New Member
Oct 28, 2007
i'm waiting for a 32gb version or when i can buy one off the Apple site for prices cheaper than $599 and $699.