Possibility of no Winterboard support for iOS 7?

Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
Jay Freeman"s (Saurik) comment below the article:

"It seems unlikely that if no one will help with WinterBoard that something would replace WinterBoard. However, as I state in another comment (which is much lower in the comment list), this article is just linkbait, taking something I said over two weeks ago on reddit, a call to action stating comments about "at this time", removing all the context, and posting it as if it were news. The call to action has been somewhat successful, and by the time iDownloadBlog got around to posting this article, the idea that WinterBoard could support iOS 7 is much more likely, with theme artists such as @TCcentex and developers like @thekirbylover actually coming out of the woodwork to help."

It's not necessarily as bleak a picture as just reading the article would suggest.