Posting photos from albums other than Camera Roll in FB

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by Rafagon, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    When you're using the Facebook app and you want to post a photo, can that photo be from an album other than your main camera roll?

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  2. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    You know something? I've just created an album on iPhoto and sync'd my iPhone 5 and tried to add a photo but you can't. If you can, I would also like to know how.

    There is a way around this stupidity, though. Launch the and share a picture to Facebook via your album, that's the only way I know how to do it.
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  4. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Just take a screenshot of each pic you want to upload to facebook. Now open facebook and upload them. They'll be easy to find at the end of your camera roll.
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  5. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    That's another workaround and you'd lose picture quality.
  6. We're talking Facebook here, not The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art. :D

    BTW - had my Facebook account deactivated for two days so far and it feels good!
  7. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    I know what you're saying, I think I have OCD with picture resolution. Since getting a DSLR I've become a right snob.
  8. ZR_Yancy

    ZR_Yancy Genius

    There is no option to add a photo from album on the latest version of Facebook. It must have been an oversight on their part. A simple workaround is to use the mobile web version.
  9. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Not really, since facebook won't maintain a large file size anyway.
  10. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    thought they upped the size. I know you have a choice of high quality (or something) for photos you upload.
  11. There's nothing high quality about Facebook.
  12. ZR_Yancy

    ZR_Yancy Genius

    It'll pass. ;)
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  13. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Not sure. I deactivated mine as well. Oh well, it was just the easiest workaround; not necessarily the best.
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