Pre-Approval for speedy iPhone activation....

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Jun 14, 2007
So i noticed that on the iPhone activation video at there is a credit check. This will prove to be a problem with some folks as they may require a deposit. In order to avoid this unwanted interruption you can simply go into your local corporate AT&T store and have them run your credit. This way you know if you need a deposit. This stays in the system for 30 days. While you are at the store ask them for the approval code. This code is what you can use when activating your iPhone instead of running your credit again. Hope this helps all. don't remember this being mentioned so thought I'd add it.:laugh2:

Bill A.

New Member
Jun 26, 2007
What if you're already a AT&T customer in good standing?

If you already have an account, do you still need a credit check?