Problem finding genuine LCD replacement 3GS


New Member
Sep 7, 2011
Hi there, my first post on these forums so please bear with me!

A few days ago I broke the LCD screen on my 3GS. In need of a quick replacement I found on ebay an LCD claiming to be genuine. Handing over £25 I successfuly fitted it today, and I'm pleased to say all is working very well.

However one difference is in the white balance between the new and old LCD screens. The replacement LCD is definitely a warmer white, slightly dirtier looking than the genuine bright white.

The replacement LCD is thereforee not a genuine Apple one.

Does anyone know any online retailers (available to the UK) where I can purchase a genuine LCD that will match the factory fit one? There are so many claiming to be genuine, it's hard to know where to shop without any recommendations first.

Thanks! Paul
Aug 31, 2010
This might sound like a silly suggestion, but have you tried adjusting the contrast/screen brightness in settings since replacing the screen?