Problem: Installer is gone!

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New Member
Sep 18, 2007
I was just playing with my iPhone and I've installed a bunch of software and now the installer is gone! The installer is there but I cannot scroll to get to it. How can I get to installer now?:oops:


New Member
Sounds like a prob that I had a while back when I was using Launcher before Summerboard came out. Did u mean Launcher is gone? I had to manually go into DisplayOrder.plist and put launcher in one of the spots 13 through 16 so that I could access the other apps. Try installing App Installer then get Summerboard.


New Member
Oct 28, 2007
I had reverted back to the stock DisplayOrder.plist but the problem persists

I went on a 3rd party app istallation spree and now my SpringBoard is full and I can't scroll to see INSTALLER. My FW is 1.0.2. I downloaded the stock DisplayOrder.plist but the problem persists. My SpringBoard is still full. I have a Windows PC. Is there any location where iPhone keeps a duplicate of my full/problematic DisplayOrder.plist that I have to locate and remove. All inputs are appreciated. Thank you.