Problem sharing doccuments

little bob

New Member
Jul 28, 2007
Ok, I just got a mac and I need a lot of help. Here is one of my problems:

How can I have multiple users(me, wife, kids) and have them all access all of our music, pictures....without using up extra HD space.

What I mean is this: When I first copied my music from the PC to the Mac I put it into my music into 'my' account. When my wife logs into her account the music isn't there for her in iTunes.

Soooooooooo, I put the music in the 'shared' folder and then imported the music into my wifes iTunes. The problem is that it takes up twice the HD space. Is there a way for us all to use the same files instead of copying them onto each account and eating up all that HD space?

Same question about pics, videos and such. Im sure the answer will be the same for all.

Thanks in advance.


Jul 12, 2007
Irvine, Ca.
Go to the iTunes Preferences and click on share library. Then you can access it from any computer on your network. iTunes MUST be open in order to share to another computer.