problem sync'ing calendar (doesn't update)


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Jul 2, 2007
So i can't figure this out but i'm getting a successful sync (at least according to iTunes). The problem is that it doesn't update my calendar and it keeps old data that i've already deleted. i've tried the regular sync and i've tried checking the tab that states:"replace information on this iPhone" and neither seems to work.

Any clues?
Jul 20, 2007
This worked for me

i forgot to mention - my calendar is on outlook 2007 connected to an exchange server.
I found this solution on HowardForums. It worked for me

I am using outlook 2007 what worked for me was i cleared all the categories that the appointments were in.
I did it in outlook 2007 like this

while viewing your calendar click "view" on the menu bar

then select "current view"

then select "outlook data files"

then i just selected all

and last right clicked and by categorize i selected "clear all categories"

Thats what worked for me hope it works for you.