Problem Transfering my Camara Roll Pictures To PC

Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by Azteka, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Azteka

    Azteka New Member

    How do I transfer them? I go to My Computer and it doesnt detect the iPhone. Everything else works fine, but I can't figure out how to transfer the pics I took from the iPhone to my PC. Anyone know?
  2. britt72

    britt72 New Member

    It's possible there was a problem with the original "discovery" of the iphone as a camera. If so, you can uninstall the existing camera and reconnect the iphone and see if it rediscovers it properly. Here're the details I posted in another thread...

    "To fix this, I went to the Control Panel, under System on the Hardware tab, there's a Device Manager button. Click it. Once it brought up the Device Manager, while my iPhone was connected I saw under Imaging Devices the name "Digital Still Camera". This is the connected iPhone with pictures on it. Right-click on the Camera and choose Uninstall. It should then remove it from the Device Manager. Disconnect the iPhone and re-connect it again, and it should re-discover it as an iPhone "Digital Still Camera" and give you a "Digital Still Camera" in My Computer where you can access your camera pics. Hope this helps!"
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  4. c1ockwerk

    c1ockwerk New Member

    make sure your pc is up to date with everything. It should recognize it as a camera as soon as you plug it in. If you can see it in itunes then your PC can see it. Check my computer and it should be there.
  5. Azteka

    Azteka New Member

    britt72, I tried what you said, but under the Device Manager only my Creative Webcam shows up. No "Digital Still Camara" shows up, anything else I can try? I dont know why Windows Xp isn't picking up the iPhone... :(
  6. britt72

    britt72 New Member

    Yeah, if you plug it in, it should find it immediately. There are only 2 things I can think of.

    1) Make sure you have at least one picture in your camera roll. My computer didn't try to discover the iPhone as a camera until I had taken at least one picture.

    2) For some us, our Logitech cameras were causing full-on crashes of our computers when we connected our iPhone. An uninstall or update of the Logitech camera drivers fixed many of us. Perhaps there's a conflict with your Creative camera. You might check the Creative website and update your Creative camera's drivers, or uninstall the Creative camera altogether. Then re-try connecting your iPhone.

    I'm not an Apple tech, I just know a few things, so you might call Apple if your camera continues to not show up. Good luck.
  7. Azteka

    Azteka New Member

    Thanks for the information. I tried plugin it on a different USB port and that did the trick, I don't understand why it read it since is the same thing, but thanks anyways I appreciate it.
  8. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    Is it just me or is this true.. Someone tell me if my computer just running slow sometimes? ...

    I always have to put my password to unlock the phone.. If i connect the phone while still locked I dont get a pop up screen for the camera wizard but if i unplug it then unlock the phone and plug it in again the camera wizard loads up instantly lol.. did apple think of this to keep our camera roll safe?
  9. mernst

    mernst New Member

    Iphoto sync good...
  10. budman45

    budman45 New Member

    Do you need a special program to open this? The camera window comes up but no program to open it with.
  11. PDACPA

    PDACPA Member

    With Vista, when I plug my iphone in, I get the option of "what do you want to do with iphone" and shows the list of open explorer, import picasa, etc. Just like when you put a SD card in or a USB thumbdrive.
  12. dnb76

    dnb76 New Member

    I can't thank you enough for this!!! It worked

    You are a lifesaver!! I was going out of my mind trying to find a way to get the photos off my phone & onto my PC. I've had my iphone since Feb of this year & have been emailing myself each time. THis worked like a charm & was so easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  13. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Genius

    Whenever I plugin my iPhone, I can see it in My Computer. Are you sure you plugged it in in a working slot and you heard the 'plug in' voice?

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