problem unlocking iPhone so that i can use my old SIM

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Jun 30, 2007
hey guys,

ok, so i've been following the easy instructions on how to use old SIM in my iPhone:

everything is ok until i get to Step 15, i've attached a picture of what i get

and here's the text

Looking for iPhone...
Sending Files...

*** If iTunes is running, please close it.
*** Hold the POWER and HOME buttons for approximately 25s.
*** Release when the display says 'Please Connect to iTunes'.

Sending More Files...
Booting iPhone...

Waiting for iPhone to finish booting...
Moving files into place...
Problem with Ditto: 6

Sorry, apparently things just didn't work out.
Look on the bright side, if jail was that good for Paris maybe you should give it a second chance. ;)

iMac:~/phonedmg iMac$

i don't understand what i'm doing wrong

i have a 4GB iPhone that has been activated already to use pre-paid, if that matters at all

any help would be greatly appreciated


Jun 30, 2007
ok, i got it unlocked for my old SIM
now when i connect it to iTunes, i've attached what i see

also, how do i get the contacts off of my SIM card?