Problems after MMS/tethering hack


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Aug 7, 2009
OK, I'm pretty sure this has been addressed, but I can't seem to find specific answers...

I did the tethering hack from the website (can't remember where, but it's probably the most popular...ben something?). Tethering option was there.

Did the MMS hack, but instead of swapping out sim cards with another phone (couldn't get that to work), I simply switched it on my att account page...turned on the family texting plan, mms option was on my iPhone.

Couldn't get mms to work, and then I noticed my voicemails were not getting through to the visual voicemail...and no calls are coming into my phone now.

I've seen where people are simply changing the cellular data settings...but I don't have that option. I managed to downgrade to ATT 4.0 using this forum - and reset my network settings...mms options went away, but tethering is still there. Now my voicemail works (kinda slow, but hey it works), but i still can't receive calls to my iPhone. I can make calls fine, just not receive...rings once then straight to voicemail.

At this point, I just want to go back to the original ATT ipcc files...don't want tethering or mms (can wait until att "officially" offers it). I'm tired of the problems associated with some of these hacks...just want to go back to original stuff.

Currently on 3.0.1 firmware.

Is there any way to simply "restore" the iPhone back to the way it was when I got it from the att store? I don't want any of this crap on my phone if it's going to make it act funky...also, i have the unlimited data plan, but that's not showing up on att site. I read that the "hacked" ipcc file will prevent att from seeing what kind of phone you are using...again...don't care - I WANT them to know so I can track my data (I know it's unlimited...)...

thanks for your help in advance.



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Dec 12, 2008
Just connect to iTunes and click the restore button. After it restores the FW, it will ask you if you want to restore to factory settings or from back up. Choose factory settings.


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Aug 14, 2007
General Settings/Profile - remove //// General Settings/ reset / reset all settings