Problems with the 160: only me?

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New Member
Jul 7, 2007
Does your iPod turn itself off after some time?

Also, I have a USA-Spec iPod interface in my car, and that worked flawlessly with my old 5G. Now somehow with the 160, I can still skip tracks with my headunit controls, but if I switch from say radio to cd and back to the iPod (which is really connected as if it's a cd changer), it doesn't work.

So are the controls different on the Classic from the 5G, which makes it incompatible with older accessories?

Thanks for taking time to reply.


New Member
Nov 16, 2007
I bought mine to go in my car - then found out it wasn't compatible with the Dension Gateway 500 that I have installed. It works but doesn't charge, and the backlight stays on so the battery is soon very dead.
As an iPod in itself I have no complaints whatsoever, and it's become an invaluable always-in-my-pocket portable disk drive.