Programs crashing, glitch?

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New Member
Aug 21, 2007
I've had this problem since I updated to Software Verson 1.1.1. It seems as though I can't use Safari for extended periods of time before the programs shuts down. In addition, certain websites will cause Safari to automatically close regardless of how long I've been using it (ironically, one of these sites is Apple's, go figure). Another problem I've encountered is while playing music through the iPod, I can't seem to get driving directions at the same time, as one or both programs will close down and I have to start over. Is this a problem other people are having or should I call Apple/AT&T support for help or replacement?


New Member
Sep 20, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I have the occasional.........................

then the Apple logo appears and I start over.

This happens even when the phone is resting quietly doing nothing. It doesn't occur often enough for me to get upset about it. I just start at the Apple logo and.....................