Purchase from friend iPod touch


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Feb 10, 2008
A friend wants the new 32g iPod touch I purchased his 16g. He stated that it was all cleaned out and it looked as if it was. I got on line to update with the January update and purchase the email and assorted items that came with it. When I plugged in his name comes up on the computer and is in the ipod. How can it be changed to me. Also it will not let me got to devices to sinc since purchasing the up date. iTunes does reconize me with sign up and I get email from them. Can any one help with this? Thanks
Feb 3, 2008
To change the name of the ipod, just double click on the name that it has now when plugged into iTunes, say under devices you see "Apple Ipod touch" and you want to name it "Dan's Ipod" double click where it says "Apple Ipod touch" and the backspace the name and type your preferred name. I have changed the name of one of my ipod this way and it worked fine. On the second part, I really do not know, sorry!