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Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by Peacekepr, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Two technical questions about email and Cal...

    1. If I have three Gmail accounts and enable "push" on each of them does that use more battery than one single Gmail account? In other words - is only 1 connection to Gmail established for all 3 accounts or is it 3 separate connections to Gmail? Would I realize battery savings if 1 Gmail account was on push and the other two Gmail accounts on fetch?

    2. If I use "Manual" for a subscribed calendar when does it update? Does it update when I open my calendar, or only when I force a refresh by pressing the "Calenders" button and then pressing the circular arrow refresh button?
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    To answer your first one, as far as I know, yes, 3 push accounts can use more battery than one because each one is putting a call to the server, "is there any new mail?" And the server has to respond no, or send the new mail. Since the push service does this multiple times in a minute, 3 accounts are going to increase the "chatter" three times.
    When in manual fetch- no push, the app automatically connects when you open it, and should update any changes before or when you close it.

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