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Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by Madlockz, Nov 11, 2012.

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    This is not my first iPhone but I was always under the impression that iPhones where a different baby from iPods when it comes to installing music. As far as I knew iPhones ran on a syncing system and the iPods are just pull and drop. My girlfriend has the 5 also and wants music on her phone from my iTunes library. So my question is , Is there a way to install music on an iPhone from multiple library's (like the iPod ) with out erasing what's already on the iPhone ?
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    No, if you sync your girlfriend's iPhone to your iTunes it will remove her data. You'll need to download third party software to pull the music from your iPhone and then move it to her pc and drag the music files to her iTunes. I have used iPod copy master in the past. Be careful where enough download the third party software. I typically do a search through CNET for the software. They have a couple of trial ones for so many songs before you have to buy it.
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  4. Madlockz

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    That really sucks ill look into it Thanks for the info

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