question about selling iphone 3gs to get iphone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ace4261991, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    I purchased my iphone 3gs last year on launch day. My question is that if i sell it on ebay now and then use a blackberry for the next few weeks until the iphone 4 comes out will it affect my eligibility to upgrade at the 299/399 pricing? Will att see that i am no longer using an iphone and then cancel my eligibility for the early upgrade? or will i have no problems upgrading as long as i keep the iphone data plan on my account?
  2. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Zealot

    As long as you keep paying your ATT bill they don't care if you have a phone or not. Also, you could always call ATT and ask them.
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  4. debest74

    debest74 Member

    I always change phones, like every other month (i always keep my iphone) and that has never affected my eligibility. In fact right now im using a blackberry because i sold my iphone last week. You will be fine as long as u keep paying your bill. What i haven't done this time, and i usually do, is change my iphone data plan to the blackberry data plan, because they are probably not gonna let me go back to the unlimited one when i get the Iphone 4.
  5. Clemsonjoe

    Clemsonjoe Member

    So can you still text and use data on the BB? I will have to go 1.5 weeks w/o an iPhone and will be using my old BB pearl. I am afraid to text and use data and tip off AT&T. What do you think?
  6. debest74

    debest74 Member

    Well, i cant set up my email account or use GPS, blackberry messenger ETC because all of that requires BIS or BES and I cant go on the internet using the browser because again it requires BIS or BES but if I do need to go online I go using MEDIA NET that for some reason works even when the regular browser doesn't....basically im only using my blackberry right now for phone calls and texts, no data aside from checking an address or something on the internet PLUS this phone is a pain 2 use, is an old curve so is only edge and is just painful 2 try 2 browse the internet.
  7. Kathie63

    Kathie63 Member

    I just spoke with AT&T and they advised as long as we stay current with our bill we don't have to have a phone. Because I told him we have our 3g and 3gs up for sale and they may be sold by the 24th.
  8. Clemsonjoe

    Clemsonjoe Member

    Thanks debest74. I will only talk and text! I'm not messin' this up!
  9. My wife and I have 3G and 3Gs phone respectively and only mine is going to qualify for the discounted upgrade next week. So we too are looking to sell them on Ebay, so my question is what are people getting for them on Ebay...?
  10. debest74

    debest74 Member

    I really dont know because I sold mine on craiglist and got 400 for a 3gs 34 gigs but if you do a quick search on ebay im sure you can see more or less what they are going for.
  11. trido

    trido Member

    I bought mine same day as you isnt your upgrade date like june 20th as mine is?I had thought that all people that bought a iphone 3gs on last yeasr launch date had an upgrade date about one year later? Maybe I am lucky , I did allready sell mine and still have June 20th upgrade date

  12. Clemsonjoe

    Clemsonjoe Member

    Called AT&T and the CSR said if my IMEI is activated on someone else's account and/or i put my SIM in a new phone, they will recognize the change and make the changes to my account showing no current iPhone thus ending my grandfathered unlimited data plan. WTF?
  13. debest74

    debest74 Member

    Well, i always switch back and forth from blackberries 2 android back to iphone and so on and they have never changed my data plan without me asking. I just logged in 2 my account and checked and the system sees that i am using a blackberry 8310 but when I go 2 my features i still have my iphone data plan. I have the option 2 change it right there on the website but i currently have the iphone data plan.
  14. iRay

    iRay New Member

    I tried calling both Apple customer service and AT&T customer service -neither would give me the details. They told me to dial *New# or *639# on my keypad to get a text msg with my upgrade status. "They" will send the request for upgrade/pricing eligibility (using a 'secret formula/calculation'), and it will send you a text back listing:

    1. if you qualify for a 'free' iPhone 4with a one time $18. act fee- (may trade in your
    previous iPhone??)

    2. if you qualify for the 'full discount' iPhone 4 with a one time $18. act fee
    - price = $199-16mb/$299-32mb

    3. if you qualify for a 'partial discount' with a one time $18. activation fee
    - price = $299-16mb/$399-32mb
    [this is usually given to those as an 18 mo early upgrade - if you are already on an
    existing 24 month contract or if you bought your iPhone 3Gs after April 2010+]

    OR lastly...... [like me] :dft004:tears

    4. I just bought my iPhone 3Gs on March ll, 2010 - so I would have to sell my current iPhone for @$300.- and pay the normal retail price with a one time $18. act. fee. My price = $399-16mb/$499-32mb.

    5. My final/net cost is really not too bad - if I apply the $300.- from the sale of my 3Gs
    = approx $99.- for the 16mb/ 199.- for the 32mb]

    Hope this helps - I think I will just bite the bullet and get the iPhone4 - 32mb/white - I really want the longer battery life (7hrs vs 5hr talk time) - faster processor (and caching so it is NOT as much of a data/memory hog)- stronger aluminum casing incorp antennae - beautiful ~Did I mention BEAUTIFUL 'retina' resolution display (4x better than 3Gs) -

    They also told me I would be 'grandfathered' in on my unlimited data plan for $30.-/mo until 3/11/2012! :eek:

    I am sure next year (- 12mos) Steve will announce the 5G iPhone :D with a 4.3" display (to compete with HTC/Droid/etc.) and 8mp camera, and other enhancement goodies ~ but that is Apple :cool:, and I all things Apple and especially my iPhone!!:043:hearts

    Good Luck ;)- go with your heart if your pocketbook can take it . PEACE!
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