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Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by kse, Jan 11, 2015.

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    I have an iPhone 6 and for a while now I have been planning to update my iPhone but I'm always paranoid about losing data so I have some (noob) questions I would like to ask

    1. If I update my phone from to ios 8.1.2, will I lose any data? (specificly contacts, whatsapp history/groups, game app preferences)

    2. Is backing up my phone with itunes the "all powerful failsafe" if things go wrong? also, are they compatible over versions? (if I backup on ios8 can I use it to restore data on 8.1.2?)

    3. Im trying to use iFunbox to back up my stuff manually as well, do files (ie. Game preferences) from apps on older ios work on other ios? (assuming the .ipa is the same)

    4. The other reason I wanna update is because I think some of my system files are corrupted, especially safari, since it crashes unnaturally alot, so I was wondering how does update work? and will updating replace my old system files?

    Thanks in advance
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    Updating to the latest OS can fix a lot of issues. Doing this will just update. You won't lose any data. I am unsure about game prefs and saves. Do you use game center?

    I use my backups when I restore but if big issues come then it is best to restore as new to try to find the issue. If it's bad data on the backup then it won't come back.

    Apps on older devices may still work but may still need updated for a few issues. I may be wrong but I think I heard that you can lose game data if you do something like a restore.

    When you update, your files like texts and photos etc stay put. Safari crashing you could try restoring, but updating could also be the reason. Being on the latest OS is best. Updating puts the whole new OS on your device.
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    1. No. You will not lose any data, media, settings, game saves or anything else by updating. However, you will want to back up in iTunes just in case there is a problem with the update. It's rare, but if there were a problem, you would just use your backup.
    2. Yes to both questions.
    3. This is unnecessary. Everything is backed up in iTunes.
    4. Updating will fix the known Safari bugs that cause lockups and crashing. You do not need to restore.
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