Quick tip for Safari "Reader View" users


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
If you use Safari's built-in Reader View function to clean up web pages for easier reading, you may have noticed, much to your disappointment, that the audio from videos embedded on the target site marked as "auto-play" (or "auto-start") will still play in the background, unencumbered, disturbing your otherwise peaceful and quiet reading experience.

This is a shortcoming of Safari's Reader View function that can easily be avoided by using the Readability Safari plug-in, which is also available for other browsers. It will giving you a clean view of your reading material without distracting videos playing in the background, as the experience should be.

Readability is also available for iOS, and articles you save for later reading on one platform will be acceessible to the other, assuming you create a Readability account (100% free).
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