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Jul 17, 2013
Hey eIC! I've missed some of you, maybe more than most. Anyway, I don't have long to compose this message, but I had to cut back my spending and in doing so, I returned my iPhone 6S. I'm now running a Microsoft Lumia 640 (Windows Phone).

My experience with the iPhone 6S was less than stellar. I encountered significant battery drain and problems with the phone freezing and being non-responsive when launching certain apps. Also I noticed that several apps were not even updated for the iPhone 6 and so touch actions were not even recognized on the device.

I thought rather than going with an Android device, this time I would try a Windows device. I've had mostly a positive experience, although the app store is something left to be desired. There are only about 30,000 apps compared to the vast amount in the Apple Store. The camera and resolution also are rather low. The feature I miss the most is probably Touch ID. To unlock my phone, I double tap the screen, and swipe up to reveal the home screen.

Ideally, I plan to downgrade to an iPhone 5S when I can find one without a contract or I can pay the retail price for it. I haven't completely left Apple though, as I still do have my MacBook Pro which has been serving me well for a couple years.

I'll still be around the forum, but mostly I'll be posting in the MacBook forum.


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Dec 12, 2008
We have to give the developers time to update their apps for the 3D Touch screen. It's unfair to expect them to have them ready to go as soon as the hardware launches. This feature might seem a bit gimicky to some at first since so few apps support it right now, but it's only going to get better with time as third party apps start to use it. It's actually a really neat feature I'm starting to use more often than I initially did.

Your battery drain problems probably could have been solved by running it through a full cycle and clibrating. If not, updating the firmware likely would have fixed it. Otherwise, a restore should have done the trick. A hard restore will typically fix the screen problem you described, if not a restore would have.

Touch ID would be difficult to transition away from, but you'll likely get used to it not being there in time.

This will help you save a little money and hopefully it won't be long before you can get a 5s. If nothing else, it's a good opportunity to test a phone made by a competing company for comparison purposes. It will show you pros and cons to each and help you decide on what you ultimately want.