Recently traveled abroad? Share photos of currency or interesting small items from there


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
If you (or a friend) recently traveled abroad, share a photo of currency or any other interesting item(s) from that country. Items must be small enough that a maximum of two (2) persons are necessary in order to carry them.

Do share photos of:
a five hundred euro note
a can of Coca-Cola with Greek labeling
a can of Coca-Cola with Arabic labeling
a bottle of contact lens solution with Turkish labeling

Don't share photos of:
the Eifel Tower, even if you're posing in front of it
the Hagia Sophia, even if you're posing with Tim Cook in front of it

Please don't just find photos on the Internet. It behooves you to only post photos taken by you or a friend.


My friend recently traveled to Havana, Cuba, and shared this photo with me:


While I have traveled to Cuba once, when I was much, much younger, when I saw this photo I was completely clueless as to what "pesos convertibles" meant. I got the answer from him, but I guess a more complete (and objective) answer can be found here.