Reception and other issues


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May 28, 2008
Sorry this post is longer than I thought

Hey everyone.
I just have a couple of questions about my 3g(white).

First of all I purchased it the second day it was available from an Apple. Everything has been going well, got a couple of giant cracks near the sim card slot and sleep/wake button but i use an incase hard shell so I figured to not exchange it.

Now there is a bit of dust under the screen and I did not know if they is worth bringing in either.

Now the biggest problem of all is the lack of reception. I barely have any reception anywhere I am. The bars are full at 5 but when I try to call anyone they disappear and it "searches" and goes to "no service." It has turned into an ipod touch.....

So I was going to bring it to the store at Westfarms mall in CT somewhat near were I live and the store is closed for renovations....Until june 6th...
The sign says "we are going to make it better than ever", or something. So now I have to wait until the 6th and that is about a month before I bought it. WWDC is 2 days later and who knows if they will have any in stock or what.

So overall are they any suggestions? WIll they even exchange it for a different one, I don't care if it is refurbished I just want no dust and good reception.

Has anyone else been having reception problems and can they fix them?
Any suggestions? Could I go to ATT and ask them? Anyone had their phone replaced and it was worse?

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HELPS ME OUT, sorry if things are not so clear

Notes: Never been dropped(Don't know if this could hurt reception anyway)
Things I have tried:
Airplane mode
The field test thing
Taking out the sim card and wiping it off
Taking the case off
Letting the battery die..
Testing it in different areas


Oct 24, 2008
I suggest you try a different store, or if not, give Apple a ring.
And yes, you should have got your iPhone replaced ages ago! I think the dust maybe the cause of lack of reception.


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May 28, 2008
Hey Neo

Thanks for your reply

I do not think there are any other stores near me. Also I am not sure but I think you are joking about the dust causing bad reception. The reason I did not get it replaced it is because I was scared the replacement would be worse.

What do you mean give Apple a ring? Can I replace it that way?


Sep 7, 2007
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Find another Apple store and have it replaced. As long as the water indicator strips are intact-you should have no problem.

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