Reminders sync with Calendars 5 issue


Oct 29, 2013
Florence, AL
First, I don't mark reminders in the reminders app as completed, then reset the same for next time. I have reminders I set months ago on a date and time. For example, I take a med once a week. I set that reminder a year ago on a date and time. I don't mark it each week as completed. It reminds me each week on Saturday at the time to take the med. So now on Calendars 5, it shows the reminders on the wrong day. It goes by the date rather than the day of week. So now I either have to ignore it in the Calendar or mark as completed and change the date each week in the reminders app. Reminders don't show in my stock calendar. I don't really need it to show in Calendars 5, but don't see how to stop the sync. Anyone know how to stop reminders from syncing to Calendars 5?